Teleskill E-learning 2.0

Teleskill E-learning 2.0Makes the process of training and remote updating more interactive and collaborative.

Teleskill Videoconference Live

Teleskill Videoconference _LiveVideoconference solution for different application fields.


Teleskill On-Line Mediation

Teleskill On-Line MediationA solution dedicated to the performance of the entire online process of mediation.

Teleskill Software Webinar

Teleskill Software WebinarSolution for broadcasting events and conferences at a distance in real time.


Interactive Communication

Videoconference Live is a solution aimed at ensuring webinar interaction. In fact, participants can communicate in real time using audio and video, present and share text, video and image files (file sharing), show the content from their own screen (screen sharing), have a dialog in real time using chat (chat room), and participate in online surveys and tests (polling).

Videoconference Live

Quality and continuity of service

Videoconference Live is offered in ASP (Application Service Provider) mode, so no initial investment in technological infrastructure or license acquisition is required. Users therefore are able to choose when and how to make use of the service and save on on-site hardware and software maintenance costs. This solution can also be adopted for independent delivery of the same service dedicated to internal corporate networks (VPN, intranet, etc.).

Compatible and immediate

Videoconference Live
is immediately accessible from you PC through a simple Internet connection, headset/microphone and a web cam. By accessing a URL, you can take advantage of the service without having to install any software. Developed with Adobe technology, Videoconference Live is completely web-based and its audiovisual communication features are available with guaranteed cumulative server-side bandwidth for all users present in a session where only a generic ADSL connection is required.

Interactive Communication
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