Values and mission

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Values and mission

Constant support that accompanies the use of our proprietary technologies, technological excellence and high level of innovation and ease of use of every device that connect to the internet (PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet) without having to install anything.

“Innovating with Passion” is something we highly believe in. The passion we devote to every project of every customer, is substantial. The customer’s project becomes our project and we share the success together, with passion.

When it comes to technology you must always keep in mind that the effective and efficient use of software can make the difference between a successful project and one which focuses more on the functioning of the technology than on the reason for which it is connected. Therefore, more assistance in providing proprietary and cutting edge technology.

Our mission, over time, is to train our customers to become independent in managing our software.

We strongly believe that e-learning should not invent anything from a training point of view, but only electronically replicate something that has existed for many years, namely traditional education and learning, that used by Socrates, for instance.

Technology used for training, should only be considered as a facilitating factor to facilitate the use of decidedly easier electronic devices and to synthesise usage data in electronic mode, but should not in any way alter the communicative and learning process it has always used.

This is why the virtual class, combined with mechanisms and social technologies, can really simulate what happens in a physical classroom, with the lesson (virtual class), work groups (practice communities and document-sharing for collaborative work), the library (media centre and digital library), exchange of ideas between learners (forum and videoconference), plenary sessions (Webinar), etc. or resources.

Pay per use is the principle behind Teleskill services and does not require any initial investment. Costs are exclusively linked to actual consumption.