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Teleskill, thanks to experience gained since 1999 in complex e-learning projects, offers specialist services for installing, customising and maintaining open source e-learning platforms.

Our experts, technicians, developers, system engineers, account and e-learning experts are ready to offer specialised services in a technological and methodological context.


Our servers are ready to host your LMS platforms with the same security and continuity of service guarantees that have enabled Teleskill, since 1999, to become a market leader in e-learning. Technical support, SLA (Services Level Agreement) with minimum guaranteed uptime, constant back-up and Cloud servers make Teleskill hosting a real guarantee.

Through our hosting, LMS platforms will be constantly managed and maintained, avoiding unnecessary financial investments and skills for a single e-learning project.

Graphic and functional customisation

Specialist Designers, or graphic designers, developers and e-learning experts are ready to design a customised LMS environment based on the idea of e-learning project to be implemented.

Integration with Teleskill Live Virtual Class (e-learning 2.0).

As the owners of the leading Teleskill Live Virtual Class solution, we have developed an integration module with the most popular e-learning platforms worldwide.

Through the integration module, you can integrate traditional e-learning activities with synchronous interactive activities in a single training activity, both of which can be easily organised, with freely definable levels of prerequisites.

Thanks to the APIs on all of the features developed by Teleskill Live, the e-learnig platforms obtains a virtual class fully integrated in the LMS, with the possibility of: enrolling a class of users in a certain virtual class with subsequent Single Sign-on access, creating a “blended” training course (on-demand and virtual class training, which is seen as a resource), automatically loading the recording of the virtual class, even in SCORM format, in a pre-determined training course and, finally, obtaining users’ training profile including the individual tracking of statistics of presence in the virtual classroom and in the on-demand courses and cumulative results of the live and on-demand questionnaires, enabling the creation of complete training profile which can be easily analysed.

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