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On-line courses in health and safety

Teleskill Safety & Training is the e-learning platform developed by Teleskill and certified for security training in accordance with that defined in Appendix I of the agreement of the State-Regions Agreement of 21 December 2011.



Thanks to Teleskill Safety & Training it is possible to meet the obligations required regarding security in e-learning mode (distance learning) and in accordance with that legislation.

Teleskill Safety & Training stands alongside companies with a platform and catalogue on security that will benefit users who have bought the courses, according to their needs. The catalogue offers training and update courses for various business positions (Employer, Manager, Supervisor, Worker, RLS [workers’ health and safety representative]). The courses, created according to the Teleskill standard, are accessible from a PC, Mac and IPad. Each course consists of several learning modules interspersed with assessment tests in preparation for the continuation of the course. At the end of the training course and on passing the final test (carried out online on the platform or, where applicable, carried out by videoconference), the platform provides a certificate of attendance.

The educational content of the courses were produced by QMS, a training company accredited by the Lazio Region by Resolution D3827 of 10/11/2008 for further and higher education.  QMS has entered into collaboration agreement, as of October 2005, with the University of Tuscia – Department for Innovation in Biological, Agribusiness and Forestry Systems of Viterbo for the joint planning, promotion and delivery training initiatives regarding health, safety and the environment in the workplace and in daily life. Since 2012, this agreement has been extended to courses delivered in e-learning mode.

To watch a Demo, access the platform :

Username: demo

Password: demo

Specific features

The platform and courses are based on the provisions of Appendix I of the agreement of the State-Regions Conference of 21 December 2011 regarding:

  • Agreement between the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of Health, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano on training courses for the direct conduct of the employer of tasks involving the prevention and protection of risks pursuant to Article 34, paragraphs 2 and 3, of Legislative Decree of 9 April 2008, no. 81;
  • Agreement between the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of Health, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano for the training of workers pursuant to Article 37, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree of 9 April 2008, no. 81.

The platform provides learner with the following basic features:

  • training section dedicated to taking the courses,
  • community dedicated to the collaboration between users, coordinated by tutors (learning community),
  • tutoring service delivered by email or telephone (on request)
  • exam by videoconference


The training section of the platform contains all of the courses in which the user is enrolled. Each course is divided into several educational modules produced in SCORM 1.2 format, each of which is characterised by an educational video and synchronised speech slides. At the end of each module is a questionnaire with multiple-choice answers to questions (3 options) to which the learner must respond via their PC. On passing the test (correct answer to at least 70% of the questions asked) you can proceed with the training course. At the end of the course, participants are offered an assessment questionnaire (or verification by videoconference, where required) for the acquisition of training credits in health or safety.

All training modules that make up the course can be reviewed several times. The system will keep track of the number of times a module has been viewed and the number of times that a questionnaire has been repeated.


On completing the training course to which the user is registered and having passed the final test, the platform provides a certificate of training. This certificate can be saved and printed by the learner.


Teleskill Safety & Training provides learners with a tutoring service which is accessible via email. As required by law, the tutors which are available to learners have at least three years of experience in the field of health and safety.

Learning community

Learning communities are active in the Teleskill Safety & Training platform, dedicated to the several training courses. These communities aim to capitalise and enhance the knowledge and skills of users who participate in order to activate mechanisms for continuous learning. The communities are coordinated and animated by tutors who, as well as being experts in the subjects of reference, have knowledge of the mechanisms of distance learning.


Teleskill Safety & Training has a system for monitoring access to educational content (training modules, questionnaires). This system produces appropriate reports provided in Excel (.xls) format, in which the following is listed for each learner:

  • date and time of the first and last access to the educational content (training module or questionnaire)
  • number of times the content has been viewed
  • progress percentage
  • Result of the assessment questionnaires indicating the correct/incorrect answers provided.

Final videoconference learning assessment

With regard to the recent clarifications issued by the State-Regions Conference at its meeting on 25 July 2012 “Adapting and implementing guidelines of the agreements under Article 34, paragraphs 2 and 37, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, no. 81 and subsequent amendments” you can carry out the final videoconference learning assessment, in cases provided by law (Employers who perform Prevention and Protection Service tasks, Managers and Supervisors) or at the express request of the customer, The videoconferencing system used for the assessment is Teleskill Live, which is fully integrated in the safety and training e-learning platform.

For the final learning assessment, the Teleskill Live tool is used, which is integrated in the platform for distance training (Teleskill Learning Community), used for on-demand training.

Upon completion of the training course you can automatically book the final assessment and the system will automatically notify the learner, by email, on the day and at the time of the final assessment made by the course tutor.

During the assessment session carried out by videoconference, the tutor/teacher will provide connected learners with a multiple choice test, the results of which will be accessible by the tutor/teacher in real time and stored by the system for filing.

It is pointed out that the tracking of the final exam, guaranteed by the Teleskill Live videoconferencing system, meets the requirements of the State-Regions Conference on 25 July 2012 “Adapting and implementing guidelines of the agreements under Article 34, paragraphs 2 and 37, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, no. 81 and subsequent amendments” regarding the result of the acts of the final assessment, an aspect which is not guaranteed by the normal videoconferencing tools (e.g. Skype).

Passing the test will allow for the course to be formally completed and for the certificate to be printed.

FAQ: questions and answers

Teleskill Safety & Training enables organisations and enterprises to manage and plan their courses and is based in the integration of some of our successful products: Teleskill Learning Community, the certified safety platform which allows for the delivery of online courses in absolute freedom and with control of access to the lesson, webinar or course delivered “online”. The platform is enhanced by the Teleskill Live system for direct participation via the internet in update lessons and seminars (with an opportunity to interact with questions and questionnaires).

How is Distance Training carried out?

Training can be carried out at the offices of the individual trainer, at the company or at the participant’s address, provided that the hours devoted to training are considered an effective working time.

Who can conduct the courses?

An expert (tutor or teacher) must be available for managing the training course. This individual must have at least three years of experience in teaching or must be a professional in the field of protection of health and safety at work, gained in the public or private sector.

How are assessments performed?

Self-assessment tests must be provided, given throughout the entire course. “Pending” assessment tests can be carried out electronically. The final learning assessment is performed in presence or by videoconference, in cases provided by law (Employers who carry out Prevention and Protection Service tasks, Managers and Supervisors). Tests and a final assessment must be taken for training certificates to be awarded.

How long should a course last?

You must be able to store the number of hours of use (connection hours) or demonstrate that the entire course has been completed. The duration of the training must be validated by the tutor and certified by the tracking systems of the e-Learning platform.

What are the requirements of a Remote Training course?

The possibility of repeating parts of the training course must be guaranteed according to the training objectives provided that a trace remains of such repetitions in order to take them into account in the final assessment and to print the material used for training activities. Access to subsequent content must be made according to a fixed course (which does not allow for any part of the course to be avoided).

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