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Production of e-learning courses in SCORM 1.2 format

Teleskill e-learning Content Creation creates online courses in SCORM 1.2 format (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) which can be published online.


Upon request Teleskill E-learning Content Creation designs online courses and e-learning courses in SCORM 1.2 format: these can be published online on Teleskill LMS or on other Learning Platform compatible with SCORM format.

Online courses are composed of one or more multimedia lessons divided into topics, evaluation surveys and final examination. Each single module is composed of a set of online courses, allowing a free browsing.

Online courses are available on pc and tablet and mobile. As the user is not linked to any device, he might start taking the course on PC and going on by iPad and vice versa.

Different online courses can be created on the same LMS platform. They can have different lessons and a different order.

During lessons (if the course is hosted in a SCORM platform) the LMS tracks the user’s data. At the end of the platform displays / the platforms shows the user’s progress percentage reached on that specific module.

Every module is composed by different topics, each and every course with different slides and a different audio.

Slides progress is not mechanical, at the end of each slide users jump to another by clicking on the button at the end of the page.

E-learning content creation: Serious Game for virtual classroom

Teleskill e-learning content creation designs serious game.
On online courses educational content are taught using games and different kinds of communication tools so students can learn entertaining themselves. That’s exactly the aim of online courses.

When designing a real serious game, the real challenge is to simulate real life situations on PC by intriguing and developing creativity and reasoning.

Interaction is necessary to create an active attitude and improve learning. Graphics must be suitable for the audience, so must be the language style.

On online courses you can enjoy challenging yourself!

E-learning content creation: E-learning Platform tutorial

Teleskill e-learning Content Creation can design, upon request, tutorials on the LMS platform. The aim of the tutorials is the knowledge transfer. Analysis and simulations project phases are essential for online courses to be successful.
Tutorials must be easy-to-use, clear and informative.

Teleskill e-learning Content Creation designs tutorials entirely: from listening to the clients’ needs and data analysis of the project, till designing and publishing the tutorial, choosing graphics and audio/video effects.

Teleskill e-learning Content Creation advantages

Thanks to a highly qualified team, Teleskill e-learning Content Creation projects and designs online courses meeting even the hardest ustomers’ needs.

Furthermore, if the video doesn’t need a particular set, Teleskill Rome Headquarter soundproofed rooms are available for your recording.

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