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The virtual classroom and online training system

Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom is aimed at creating a continuous e-learning environment for people located in different places. Teleskill Videoconference Live software designed for distance learning allows you to organize online courses for web connected students from all over the world. You can share with them presentations, your desktop, images, docs and apps, saving time and money. Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom is provided in S.a.a.S. mode, so it does not require special investments in hardware nor software.

To use Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom you need just a web connection; webcam, earphone and microphone are optional and necessary only when interacting with other e-learners.


Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom:

  • Provides e-learning courses to unlimited students and up to 8 simultaneous videos
  • Ensures direct contact and interaction between students and teachers / their teacher
  • Provides exams, quizzes, surveys and immediately gives outcomes even graphically processed
  • Tracks every data (student’s log in and log out, time,q&a,..)
  • Records e-learning courses in advanced mode and in SCORM format
  • Has a customizable lay out
  • Shares documents, apps, web pages and desktop of each e-learning course participant.

Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom advantages

Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom is designed to:

  • Improve learning quality and effectiveness
    Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom creates and maintains a positive attitude towards learning, improving cooperation between students and teachers. During e-learning courses students interact with teachers and guide their lessons. At the same time teachers can create different learning paths, even in the same e-learning course.
  • Improve learning experience
    E-learning courses with Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom take the form of a classroom: people interact during e-learning courses as if they’re in the same room.
  • Meet special requests from students
    Working students, students away from their schools/universities, students who cannot leave their place or who have stopped studying long time ago run into difficulties when starting a “normal” course: e-learning courses fit them well.
  • Take advantage of the technology to ease the learning process
    By Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom you can create active lessons and connect teachers and students directly through synchronous and asynchronous communication tools.

Another reason to choose Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom

The lack of production costs and the opportunity to give always updated and active e-learning courses make Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom a cheap and effective tool for e-learning courses.

Nowadays virtual classroom is the best and cheapest tool for those who need a lifelong learning, making the most out of “normal” learning.

Furthermore advanced recording, also available in SCORM format, allows you to record e-learning courses choosing the desired format by selecting only windows which are useful for an on-demand viewing.

Available features

 Video/Audio Interaction
Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom allows audio/video active participation to e-learning courses to up to 8 remote users. The rest of the audience can see the enabled users and listen to them live.
 File Sharing
Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom allows real-time file sharing, enabling participants, at any time during e-learning courses, to upload onto the central server and download any file of common interest from the same server.
 Docs, slides, images and video presentation
Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom allows a timely sharing of slides, documents, images and videos with minimal bandwidth.
 Users’ tracking
This important feature for virtual classroom allows you to track the presence of the learner, from the beginning of the lesson and not from the time of connection, removing tracking data at times not considered as lesson times. Data regarding the presence in the virtual class are recorded automatically and displayed on the training profile of the e-learning platform (LMS).
This Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom feature allows every remote user to interact through a public or a private text during e-learning courses. The chat can be easily saved and stored for later use.

Screen Sharing and Application Sharing

The tool enables the e-learning courses manager of the meeting to show all participants , in real time, the content on the screen of his PC, such as: presentations, slides, images, internet surfing, documents, software applications, etc.

 Remote Control
If enabled to manage resources shared by the “screen sharing” feature, the user can intervene, from his/her position in the resource itself, by entering the PC of the other user sharing it, using his mouse and keyboard.
 In-house installation
Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom can be installed on any Server Farm through virtual machines, even downstream of a complex authentication system.
This tool is dedicated to the creation of a survey with responses’ acquisition from the entire audience and it graphically represents the obtained results.
 Question! (hand up)
Participants can ask to intervene in the audio/video e-learning course by changing their status.
 Running by mobile (tablet & smartphone)
 Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom can be used by mobile.
 Multilingual distance learning software
The entire Teleskill Videoconference Live, which underlies Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom, is fully translated into more than 10 different languages. Each individual participant can select his desired language.
 Advanced recording system
Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom, thanks to/ Using Videoconference Live, allows recording of e-learning courses. At the end you can choose the desired lay out, removing useless windows. Recorded lessons can be saved in SCORM format and can be uploaded in the LMS platform.
 No installation required 
Participants need only a workstation (PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux) with internet connection to use Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom and to take e-learning courses. Webcam, microphone and earphone are optional tools. No software installation is required.
 Integrated support on portals/websites (Joomla, WordPress, Docebo, Moodle, etc…)
The most common educational and communicative platforms (CMS and LMS) support the use of Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom. Upon request, integration modules are available for: Joomla, WordPress, Docebo, Moodle, Garamond Kairos, Learn Exact, etc.
 Integration with any LMS (through API)
Teleskill Live Virtual Classroom can be integrated into every LMS Platform through A.P.I.. This allows integration with every features.

Technical support

Teleskill staff, upon request, can provide technical support to end users. Carried out activities are:

  • check whether participants workstation (PC, Mac or tablet) are working properly before the webinar;
  • chat assistance during the webmeeting;
  • conference manager (event director) activities, both remotely and at the site of the event (even across multiple locations if necessary);
  • telephone assistance pre, post and during the webinar.

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