Why Teleskill

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Why Teleskill


Customer Care

At Teleskill, our staff listens to the needs of our customers and we always strive to provide them with the best possible solution to meet their business needs. Teleskill provides highly technological solutions, but always of immediate and “user-friendly” use with fast and efficient access to information.

Leadership in Business and Technology

Teleskill has developed and continues to develop e-learning solutions using the most innovative technologies. Our Customers can count on us for solutions for a future continuity. The technologies developed entirely by Teleskill (all those described on this website) are cutting-edge are created with the most modern programming languages. The secure operation of Teleskill’s proprietary solutions is proven by the lack of requests for technical assistance and/or complaints of malfunctioning.

Maximum Customisation and full ownership of the Software

Teleskill, in designing training and communication systems on the Internet network, combines all software which is entirely conceived, designed and developed in-house. Holding full ownership of all source codes for the services described, features and layout can be customised according to customer needs and advice given by the Teleskill Consulting service.

Creativity and Innovation

Teleskill has an innovative Research and Development laboratory, thanks to which we are the leader in technological innovation in the field of E-learning.

More than ten years’ experience

Teleskill is one of the few companies to have such long experience in the world of certified e-learning. Way back in 2002, it became engaged in the designing the technology and certification of the First Masters Degree with training credits at La Sapienza University in Rome, patenting the first “Automated method for the controlled supply, management and remote certification of interactive training activities” Patent No. IT-0001334023.

Training course customisation

Teleskill, thanks to the valuable collaboration of consultants from Cisco System, Telecom Italia, Stanford University, Confindustria, LUISS and from the main Italian and foreign universities, builds e-learning courses by enhancing the customer’s proprietary training content to create coherent and effective learning courses. It provides highly customised solutions according to the needs and characteristics of the end users. In implementing technological solutions for training, Teleskill’s activity starts with a careful analysis of corporate training needs, the characteristics of the end users and of the technological infrastructure.

Integrity and Professionalism

We meet and surpass the expectations of our customers thanks to our reliable performance and to completing tasks and projects on time.