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Design, publish and manage online courses

Teleskill Easy-Learning Authoring Tool allows you to design, publish and manage online courses, in SCORM format.


Teleskill Easy Learning Authoring Tool is the perfect e-learning content creation tool to self design online courses in a cheap and fast way.

It perfectly meets the increasing needs of auto-producing online courses to satisfy the lifelong learning programme.

Teleskill Easy Learning Authoring Tool is the perfect tool to create your online courses in a easy and fast way, cutting costs and without being IT professional.

Teleskill Easy Learning Authoring Tool advantages

The most pressing issue about distance education is that online courses contents get outdated very fast. Teleskill Easy Learning Authoring Tool is the key to this problem: it allows you to self-update your online courses every now and then, saving time and money. This gives you and your business a great edge.

Using Teleskill Easy Learning Authoring Tool teachers do not have to travel to reach classrooms (they can teach lessons from their offices or homes), they can choose online courses format, layout and, at the end of the recording, they can decide to show slides, presentations, softwares or documents; they can choose how to organize different topics and decide if students can o cannot download the informative materials.

Teleskill Easy Learning Authoring Tool is the perfect content creation tool for online courses but it also has another outstanding feature: the authoring tool works on mobile and on different devices. This is a fast growing issue: people want to optimise their time so they use their devices to take online courses. Teleskill particularly cared the authoring tool accessibility, satisfying the needs of a broad group of users and making the online courses accessible to people using every device, mobile and tablet.

Technical support

Teleskill staff provides technical support and maintenance to all people using the content creation tool and creating online courses.

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