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The Company

Company has been operating since 1999 in the conceptiondesigning and implementing solutions for improving the construction of their training strategies in e-learning mode and communication of the Internet, effectively combining its proprietary software in developing solutions dedicated to updating staff, remote training, communication and sharing training/information videos remotely.

Teleskill supports its customers with the main aim of making the most advanced tools, methodologies and techniques for el-learning and for communication rapidly accessible to anyone, focusing entirely on underlying technology.

The company operates with certified ISO 9001:2008 quality procedures for activities of “designing, developing and creating IT solutions and operating ASP application services for Training and Communication. (E-learning). Advice to companies on innovation. EA 33-35-37”.

Technology, methodologies in the processing and synthesis of content, quality and maximum customisation and strong support make Teleskill a partner for all those wish to inform, be informed, communicate, train, buy  or sell in the easiest, quickest, most effective and efficient way.

The e-learning solutions developed by Teleskill enable you to integrate learning processes with normal working activities, providing users with the opportunity of consulting the information when they really need it and from any device with an internet connection.

The main proposal is represented by services based on its own certified e-learning platform (Learning Management System), on the Teleskill Live® application product and on the methodological assistance for creating training courses in e-learning mode.

In particular, Teleskill offers value-added services in the field of e-learning in the following main areas:

Certified e-learning platform. (ECM, Security, training credits, etc.)
Provision of synchronous, live virtual class services and webinars, webmeetings, online tutoring, etc.
Technical and operative assistance services through methodological and managerial consultancy to their customers for the preparation of remote training projects, the graphic-functional customisation of platforms and for the preparation and conversion, into asynchronous multimedia format, of highly-interactive classroom simulation, serious game and e-learning teaching content.

The target market consists of Universitiespublic or private organisations, Centres of educational excellence which require flexible and innovative tools for continuous education, certified and uncertified remote professional specialisation and  updating, in the training of sales networks, interactive streaming of events and/or conferences and in remote communication.