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The right choice for your videoconference

Teleskill Videoconference Live is a web conferencing software aimed at interaction and communication between people. The web conferencing software is for those who frequently or occasionally need videoconference.

Teleskill Videoconference Live is the web conferencing software perfectly suitable for virtual classroom, webinar, live meeting and, obviously, for videoconference.


Teleskill Videoconference Live allows you to videoconference in an easy way. Teleskill web conferencing software is user-friendly as you do not need to be an IT professional to use it.

It doesn’t require any set up: you can videoconference simply using your PC, MAC or mobile.

You don’t need any web conferencing software: you just need a web connection to videoconference.

Teleskill Videoconference Live advantages

Teleskill Videoconference Live is a web conferencing software for:

  • Easily videoconferencing;
  • Sharing presentations, docs, videos and images even sharing your desktop;
  • Showing how an app or a software works from your own place;
  • Saving hardware and set-up costs;
  • Recording and saving your videoconference.

Teleskill Videoconference Live allows you not only to web conferencing but also to save and send the videoconference to those who were not there or who want or need to be informed. The recorded videoconference can also be shared on the intranet or on websites and portals.

Teleskill videoconference is provided by web, it does not need neither set up costs nor IT proficiency to be used. The web conferencing software is offered in ASP mode, without any set up cost.

People can choose different time and way to enjoy it, saving hardware and software maintenance costs.

Teleskill Videoconference Live for Project Work

Due to his features Teleskill Videoconference Live allows you to videoconference, talk to your business partners, join a project work, team work, draw up papers,…

Teleskill Videoconference Live for tutorship

It’s the best tool for teachers: they can give their course or they can tutor from wherever they want.

Tutorship is easy and effective: by screen sharing you can tutor more students at the same time.

Technical assistance

Teleskill staff is available, upon request, to technically assist all people taking part to the videoconference.

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