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The Web Academy platform is a totally web-based training academy that allows your company’s staff to enjoy customised multimedia content, best practices or experiential clips with no limits in terms of either space or time.

Now, your employees will be able to collaborate and share their knowledge by cooperating through a new technology that recreates a centralised environment. If you are looking for an effective but informal learning method, then Web Academy is the right service for you.

Advantages of Web Academy


  • The platform serves as a full training academy for your employees
  • Totally cloud-based
  • All-in

New way of communicating: the Web Academy is the only informative/training/communicative environment available to your company’s employees to enjoy custom multimedia content with no time/space limits.


  • Training/Refreshing: training courses, media, easy learning web-seminars
  • Collaboration: forum, communities of practice, web rooms, Wiki experience, gamification, contests to win badges
  • Communication: news/events/magazine
  • Performance Management: monitoring/personal file/custom reports


The Web Academy integrates with the following Teleskill services:

Added Values

1) Integrated Document Search Engine
A real search engine integrated within the platform, which is increasingly “all in”! The document search function allows all platform users to have access to a fully fledged search engine so they can search for words or word combinations within the documents on the platform. This way the employee can only search for the documents within their responsibilities (brand, business units, territorial areas, departments, etc.), avoiding the risk of accessing documents that are not relevant to the appropriate sector.

2) Gamification / Social Learning
The real challenge of any platform is to promote engagement. Within work contexts, gaming dynamics can integrate behavioural reinforcement mechanisms (e.g. awards, rewards and prizes) with the aim of producing real improvements in the employee. That is why Teleskill’s Web Academy platform applies expanded gamification and social learning approaches! The gamification function allows the platform administrator to create competitions with an objective for its employees, with the option to establish individual sub-goals for obtaining a badge (custom prize) in a parametric manner according to the goals preset by the administrator (greater collaboration, boosted skills, etc.)


The Web Academy allows you to create badges when you complete:

  • usage and/or result of questionnaires for e-learning courses
  • percentage of the user’s participation in and attendance of webinars
  • questionnaires during the webinar’s direct feed
  • interaction with messages within forums and communities of practice
  • number of interactions/likes on messages entered by the user
  • voting/interactions on the documents/links/videos uploaded by the user

You can involve your employees with corporate incentive activities . The platform will count all the actions carried out by a single user within the platform in real time, computing an overall score from the value that the administrator has given to that single action in relation to the parameters applied.

The badges earned by the employee will always be displayed next to their avatar or profile picture!Social mechanisms such as liking a post or an uploaded resource, integration with Facebook and Twitter within the platform, the “stars” earned through the active participation of the individual user, the ability to rate resources from from 1 to 5 and, more generally, the social collaborative learning dynamics that are best applied within the Teleskill communities of practice make the Teleskill platform the ideal place to keep up to date and communicate in an engaging and social way!

3) Communities of Practice
The communities of practice integrated within the Teleskill Web Academy platform are virtual sites that promote collective improvement and continuous learning through knowledge sharing. Everyone who is enrolled in a specific community of practice will, in fact, be able to converse, upload documents to support their skills and/or ideas and even participate in a web room session through the Teleskill videoconference  service integrated within the community of practice. Those registered within individual communities will be able to access the web room, talk via audio and video, work on a single document, share applications, exchange and view files and carry out polls and/or questionnaires. For example, in a corporate context, it is very useful to create communities of practice for individual brands, business units, areas and levels, only registering the relevant users.

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