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The best choice for your online meeting

Teleskill Videoconference Live underlies Teleskill Online Meeting Software: this tool allows you to meet people online, without travelling, simply using a PC, a MAC, a Tablet or a smartphone.
Through Teleskill Online Meeting Software you can manage business and marketing meetings, telework or simply communicate.

It is thought to:

  • Meet people online;
  • Provide an easy tool compatible with every working station (PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux);
  • Record your meeting;
  • Customise the lay out;
  • Share docs, apps, web pages or desktop of every participant.

Teleskill Online Meeting Software advantages

Teleskill Online Meeting Software is thought to:

  • Improve performances travelling less;
  • Frequently meet people online, partners and colleagues, saving time and money: by Teleskill Online Meeting Software you don’t need to leave your workplace for business meetings;
  • Ensure info durability and accessibility;
  • Record your meetings and publish them on an intranet for those who couldn’t attend them or who want to be updated;
  • Increase people interest through interaction;

Create stunning presentations using live or recorded audio/video effects, chats, documents sharing, surveys.

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