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Teleskill provides advice on creating knowledge management systems with e-learning, business learning and social learning technologies


Methodology and technology

Teleskill is able to support client companies in the start-up phase of a training course, in e-learning mode. The activity, aimed at managers and employees in the training process, includes methodological approaches, communication, and organisation of the remote training process, technological advice, training of trainers and training of learners to effectively follow a training course in e-learning mode. Storyboarding preparation and training project.


Thanks to experience gained in the docimological field, Teleskill designs and create service for measuring acquired knowledge, checking learning and assessing training efficacy.

Teleskill offers advice and implementation of systems for corporate communication and learning with e-learning technologies. E-learning technologies have emerged to support individual training and collaborative learning.

Our approach to e-learning is primarily targeted at businesses, associations and public administration with the application of our proprietary technologies.

This is why we love to talk about Business Learning. By the term Business Learning, we mean the corporate activities required for communicating the business, products, business activities, changes in legislation and procedures within an organisation.

Business Learning processes within an organisation include:

  • sales network training on new products, price lists, competition
  • training for the technical assistance network on repair techniques, technical and manual documentation, technical updates
  • training for the commercial network: outlets, authorised sellers, importers, wholesalers, franchisees
  • regulatory and technical updating of administration, the legal area, research and development
  • training for new recruits
  • training on new applications or new IT procedures
  • corporate communication of policies, shared rules and strategies

These training activities can be carried out effectively but at high costs for organisations, or they can be left to organisational self-learning processes (word-of-mouth, newsletters, emails, meetings) but often with little effect.

Business learning tools are an extraordinary resource for managers as they allow you to integrate Business Learning activities at a low cost and with high levels of effectiveness.

With business e-learning tools, you can distribute multimedia packages, documentation, videoconferencing and learning resources to all concerned, directly measuring the level of attention and learning.

Teleskill has for years assisted companies that intend to implement e-learning platforms for corporate business learning, by integrating traditional methods with new e-learning technologies, social learning and collaborative learning and generally with web 2.0 technologies.

is able to follow a company in the following stages:

  • analysis of needs and costs
  • project assessment and preparation of a business plan
  • functional and graphic customisation of the Teleskill e-learning(Learning Management System) technological platform
  • user training and project management
  • production of multimedia and educational LOs (Learning Objects)
  • organisation of training plans using Teleskill Suite (Teleskill Live, Teleskill Multimedia Production, etc.) tools

Together with consultants, experts in training processes (registered for years in the Associazione Italiana Formatori [Italian Training Association] – AIF) are able to advise companies in selecting educational packages and in building their corporate training modules.


Technical Assistance:

Services dedicated to the preliminary definition of the training process, organisation of teaching materials and their online publication, identification of appropriate usage reporting, graphic customisation and context features, level I or II technical help desk.

Methodological Assistance:

Services dedicated to defining usage modules, choosing the right mix among the different teaching strategies (presential, collaborative, synchronous, asynchronous, etc.), customer assistance in identifying the most appropriate tutoring methods.

Management Assistance:

Services dedicated to user administration, delivery of online content, access monitoring and final assessment.

The creation of a remote training system involves different participants, requiring skills in both the education and technology. For this, Teleskill provides its own know-how to facilitate and support customers in adopting and using Remote Training solutions.

Methodological assistance includes all “coaching” activities to define usage models and related teaching strategies aimed at an improved integration of different delivery methods (presential, collaborative, live synchronous, on-demand asynchronous, etc.). The service also concerns customer assistance in identifying the most appropriate tutoring methods for the training process.

Management assistance services aim to support customers for the entire duration of the training process, from user administration to content delivery and monitoring of access until the final assessment.

Technical assistance is available to assist the trainer in the preliminary definition of the process, in organising teaching materials, in their online publication and in identifying an appropriate usage report. The assistance also includes all activities dedicated to the graphic and functional customisation of the training environment.

During the exercise a level I or II technical help desk will be available for end users or teaching managers.

Level I assistance

Teleskill staff, upon request, can provide level I assistance activities to end users. The activities that will be carried out are:

  • preparation of FAQs dedicated to the type of services chosen by the customer
  • a telephone number will be active for users to call to receive assistance (also via email)

in the case of webinars or virtual class events

  • a few days before the webinar a room will be made available to check participants’ workstations (PC, Mac or tablet)
  • assistance in chat during the event
  • conference manager (event direct) activities, both remotely and at the event location (even across multiple locations if necessary)

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